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Originally Posted by gophne View Post
I hope that if my "proof" is not valid, that at least that it would have been a novel approach to the problem. Even at this late stage I am still struggling with my "logical deduction" on which the proof is based, since to me it appears sound, but there is a fogginess to it as one considers the abstraction of the logic at numbers that cannot be checked in normal computer time (using Excel or SAGE!).
Please make all efforts to be clear. Don't invent terms unless you must, and if you do you need to give clear, concise definitions. It should be evident at each step precisely what you are claiming and why you think it is true.

Here's my rough scale for grading purported proofs of the twin prime conjecture:
1,000,000 points for a correct proof of the twin prime conjecture
100 points for a clear attempted proof with interesting, nontrivial, correct, and possible publishable theorems/lemmas
0 points for a clear attempted proof
-10 points for a vague, hard-to-follow, or similar attempted proof
-11 points for an attempted proof that is unsalvageable or 'not even wrong'
-11 points for the variants of the standard proof

The average score here, unfortunately, is less than -10.
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