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Default Twin Prime Conjecture

Hi CRGreathouse

Thank you for all the information in your post about work done in the area of a possible proof of the Twin Prime Conjecture and related gaps between prime numbers. I will try to look up some of these works to see if I am not going down a path which has already been researched (professionally) and has not managed to nail down a proof for the TPC, as not to be a bore.

However, I still intend to post an attempted "proof" on the 17th as I have promised. My attempt would be based on the Sieve of Eratosthenes, Euclid's proof of the infinity of prime numbers, and a logical deduction based on the relationships/statements made/derived from the system of the "proof".

What I would like to know is if it is possible to cut & paste text and tables from Excel & Word on this platform, as I have worked mostly in Excel.

I hope that if my "proof" is not valid, that at least that it would have been a novel approach to the problem. Even at this late stage I am still struggling with my "logical deduction" on which the proof is based, since to me it appears sound, but there is a fogginess to it as one considers the abstraction of the logic at numbers that cannot be checked in normal computer time (using Excel or SAGE!).

The "proof" is not very long/extensive! SO would not waste too much of people's brain power!
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