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Considering how many great minds have worked on this for hundreds of years, most recently Professor Terence Tao, and Dr. James Maynard:

you might want to aim for 17/04/2030 or later to have any non infinitesimal chance at it.
The task is daunting indeed....under normal circumstances 2030 would be optimistic as well!!! more like 3020! would make more sense. Prof Tao and Dr. Maynard are exceptional math geniuses/minds who are able to understand/theorize in all things math.

Myself, I am only going to attempt a "proof" for the twin prime conjecture which I think works, not withstanding that it deals in the realms of infinity.

Are you perhaps suggesting that I should choose the 1st of April, instead of the 17 of April! :) I only chose 17 of April for sentimental reasons because it is my daughter's birthday on that day.
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