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Default Weekend hours & throttled mode for CPUs running Prime95 24/7?

Newbie here working on setting up several PCs to run Prime95 24/7.

I just discovered that the central air conditioning gets shut off during weekends for the building where these Prime95 dedicated PCs are located. CPU core temperatures jump up 10-15 degrees C during these hotter hours, to the point of approaching or reaching the CPU throttle (PROCHOT) temperature. I would like to avoid this but still keep the PCs reasonably productive for Prime95.

I'm therefore looking for a way to set weekend hours for Prime95 during which time the running worker(s) is either paused or reduced to using half the normal number of CPU cores, to help lower the CPU operating temperatures and maintain some separation from the PROCHOT temperature. These PCs have been set up to be in a "set it and forget it" mode running headless, so pausing/throttling them for weekends or other occasions is something I'd very much like to automate.

Thank you.
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