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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
Sierp audit complete. The 1k thread has Sierp 128 and Sierp 512 with very high completion n's but they are not in Karsten list or on the pages. Very strange. S128 is completed to 761.4 and S512 is complete to 592.2 according to the 1k table. I'll leave them there till someone determines whats up.

S341 is missing from Karsten's table.
S128 and S512 are in the table from post #53. See bottom.

S341 is missing because the html-code is missing the leading <tr>-code so my script got no point to start with for this base! (after I've looked at the code I was aware why)

Correct the html-codes by hand! Otherwise such scripts don't work!

PS: The Sierpinski-html-code got only this missing <tr>-tag. 3 other lines with double </tr>-tags.
All 4 html-pages cotain plenty of </font>-tags which are not needed.

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