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In the Prime95 module source code commonb.c, where it determines that trial factoring has found a factor is this comment:
Originally Posted by source code commonb.c
/* We used to continue factoring to find a smaller factor in a later pass. */
/* However, there was a bug - restarting from the save file skipped the */
/* further factoring AND the time it takes to search for smaller factors */
/* is getting longer and longer as we factor deeper and deeper. Therefore, */
/* in version 20 I've elected to no longer search for smaller factors. */
/* The one exception is users that are using FactorOverride to locate */
/* small factors. */
Following that comment, there's a test on the FactorOverride value. If FactorOverride is 60 or less, then the program drops into the former default behavior of continuing until all 16 passes for that bit limit are done. For FactorOverride = 61 or greater, or if FactorOverride has not been specified, there is no such continuation.
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