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Thanks for pointing out the difference. It sounds like fast DDR2 may increase performance even more!

Originally Posted by olmari View Post
On the nForce2 dual-channel dual-channel was still half artificial thing as CPU itself didn't have any clue about dual channels etc, but on 64-bit AMD (I'd imagine Intel too) computers has native dual channel memorycontroller and whole architecture of system can utilize it, compated to nForce2 where it was only south+northbridge that could benefit from it.
nForce 2 is/was a nice chipset. I still use it in my primary machine; it has that nifty SoundStorm audio processor. I don't think nVidia will bring it back either .

note: nForce 2's dual channel is useful when one has a hand-full of slow, cheap memory. So, a processor can run at 400FSB and dual channel DDR266 without performance hits.

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