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Mersenne Prime Award of USD $3,000.00

Awarded to a GIMPS Participant for each new Mersenne prime discovered after August 23, 2008 and having fewer than 100,000,000 (decimal) digits. Rules in addition to the General Award Rules:
The award is presently $3,000, consisting of $100 cash and $2900 to be awarded at a future date (either sufficient funds on hand to cover operating expenses and awards as determined by the board of directors OR upon claiming the $150,000 EFF award for the first discovery of a 100 million digit prime number). GIMPS may, at its sole discretion and without notice, change the award amount or retroactively increase certain previously-awarded Research Discovery Awards up to the a maximum amount of $5000.
So, if you are a participant that generally means that you use Prime95 or get assignments from PrimeNet. Either one binds you to the rules and opens you up for the reward.
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