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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
More seriously, perhaps you can break down more specifically what you'd like to see on the P-1 data. doesn't have any P-1 data that I saw so I can't copy your good ideas from there.
If you just want to know how many exponents in each range have had P-1 done I should be able to extract that data reasonably easily. If you want something more than that, please explain to me before I start working on it never tracked P-1 progress nor deltas. In all honesty, when I started P-1 was almost non existent.

The issue we are now facing is we are (as a community) seriously overpowered with P-1, so tracking candidates without P-1 compared to those with P-1 done is important for our trending and resource management.

To answer your question... Very similar to your TF'ing reports; how many candidates were TFed, how many candidates were P-1'ed (at what bit level), how many candidates were DC'ed (at what bit level), how many candidates were LL'ed (at what bit level).

This will help us all balance our collective resources to obtain optimization.

I hope that makes sense; please let me know if it doesn't.
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