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Just posting an update on this project. I have been sieving for some time, and it is at around 3T and going. I talked with lavalamp a bit to develop this "new approach" to prime searching.

What is not is a speedup or improvement over conventional searching. Technically it should take just as long. What it is, is a different approach that should be able to generate more statistics on the results and maybe an easier way to "predict" what might lie ahead.

The LLRing is done up to n=75,000 and the project has begun.

The idea is to test the candidates in RANDOM order within a large range. That way, they should be somewhat evenly dispursed, so you can predict (based on how many you have tested already) how many will be prime, and how many it will take to find a new prime. Instead of having a lot of primes early and then getting sparse later, they will come at a constant rate throughout the project.

More details and stats available at

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please contact me here or (better) at
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