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Originally Posted by E_tron
Will there be room for improved assembly code on Intel's Core 2 architecture? Prime95 v24.14 was release well ahead of the Core 2 extravaganza. Without code specifically optimized for Core 2, it crushes its netburst predecessor and leaves everything else in the dust
I'm no expert but: the original code was optimised for SSE2 on the P4. The C2 has much superior SSE2 performance over the P4. So I think that means, with some tweaks to make best use of the new FP pipelines, that we can see even more improvement over the iteration times you posted above. As to the actual amount of improvement I would speculate it would not be very high, perhaps not more than 10%. But that is only a guess so everyone please feel free to prove me wrong and get a better than 10% improvement.
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