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This is nominal behavior.

No one except Google (and perhaps not even their humans) know exactly what the usage limits are. They seem to change over time -- sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually.

Here's my empirical: after the initial "honeymoon" of a Google (read: Gmail) ***account*** has started using Colab, the availability of a GPU tends to converge to get a single instance run once per day. Lately, they've been running about 7 to 10 hours, tending to the lower range.

Also, when the GPU availability window "opens" seems to be the same time each day. Some of my accounts get GPUs at around 1400 UTC, others not until around 2200. They are always offered (and get) a CPU instance if the GPU isn't available.

Completely tied to the Gmail login. But Google doesn't seem to care how many accounts you use. I'm running eight (across three "humans" (read: VPNs)), and I'm on the free tier. I know at least one person on the paid tier running four concurrently, often almost 24/7.

Lastly, I've observed that new Colab users (even by a newly created Gmail account) initially gets about 12 hour runs of T4s or P100s, which can often immediately be relaunched. This lasts for two or three days, and then the usage is constrained as above.

May we live in interesting times...
If I'm being honest I have no idea what T4 or P100 means but thanks for the info! I guess I'll just have to keep trying till I can latch on.
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