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Default Prime Cullen Prime, Rest in Peace

Dear friends,

I suggest stopping the effort. Primegrid is going to compute LLR tests we would have to do next in a week or so, and I will be away from the early October, so I would leave this project open for the farewell discussion until then, and ask Xyzzy to move it to the archieved projects later.

Whilst we did not find a prime, there were some achievements that should be pointed out:

- Without this project, the major improvements of the sieving software would probably never have done, or much later, and they help right now PrimeGrid in their quest. Credit goes to Citrix and geoff, and Mark Rodenkirch, for their commitment to efficient programming.

- I don't know at what extent Primegrid would search for Cullen and Woodall, but I can imagine that part of the inspiration came from this project. Thanks here to all the guys who came up with the idea; you can see the beginning in this thread.

- We did some decent sieving, and from this point of view, no CPU-time was wasted. The credit goes to everybody of you, who did not attack the LLR tests first. This is the only project I am aware of where it has been like this.

- We did have some fun, didn't we? I won't speak about credits for this, but I honestly thank you for your support, nice and gentle participation, and the experience I could gain by administrating this little project.

As Primegrid is searching for the same thing, and more, but faster, the search isn't over. So it makes me happy to know that PrimeCullenPrime hasn't been a failure, but the predecessor of something better. Evolution, right?

So, thank you all very much again, and please have fun searching primes and factors in one or more of all the other amazing projects that are out there.

Yours H.
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