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Default problem to join

hi guys, my roomate has finally decides to start NFSnet.
this is what we do, i've run the init like i should.
i've started the GUI and after the client.
this is the output from his computer:
01:01:52 NFSNET Client - $Revision: 1.17 $
01:01:52 Initializing...
01:01:52 Initialized.
01:01:52 Requesting assignment...
01:02:13 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 10 seconds.
Last message was:
01:02:23 Requesting assignment...
01:02:44 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 20 seconds.
Last message was:
01:03:04 Requesting assignment...
01:03:25 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 40 seconds.
Last message was:
what's wrong exactly ?
my twin was unable to start the client too. So he's running another distributed computing :( and he has a really nice machine.

I'd like to have more explanations.
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