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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Had to down some productive GIMPS systems for what's likely to be several days or more, due to the furnace blower, that is a critical part of a central air conditioning system, no longer fulfilling its function. Upper level of the structure had ramped up to 95F/35C, triggering some automatic thermal shutdown, while I was out for several hours yesterday. (But it could have been worse, as in occurring during the 90F/32C outdoor ambient we've had earlier. Current ambient 71F/22C is helping; 85F/29C is in the near term forecast.) Some systems were already down for maintenance.
My own rule for my GPU crunchers is that only one of A/C or Crunchers may run at a given time. I only ethically justify running the GPU farms (which has added ~$200/month to my PG&E bill) by way of "doing GIMPS work on a Radeon 7 is an order of magnitude more efficient throughput/watt-wise than the next-best option", but running the A/C just to remove waste heat from the GPUs cuts 2x off that efficiency. Even in sunny CA there's been only a handful of days this summer where I had to shut down the crunchers for more than 8 hours.

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