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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
I already put some terms to sequence 2880388 using colab and your script (yes, I properly reserved it, the sequences I was working were all at NFS level, but this is still SIQS-ing OK).

Got the mentioned loop (at index 756, the 41 digit factor is prime, the cofactor is 42 digits composite) but the DB elves got me out of it without my intervention. If you report the factors, the elves will factor the composite after a while, and the colab script will continue normally. Of course, this is not the desired solution, as the time in between is lost with looping.

Please fix it and post it back at your convenience.
Thanks for the reply. I have a fix that I did somewhere else, but I haven't had a chance to dig it out and modify it for Colab. I think I had to do something odd like look for a color (representing composite) instead of the last term.

I hope to do this soon, but other things are distracting me.
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