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Default CADO-NFS Timing Data For Many Factorizations

I'm becoming overwhelmed with the data gathered from CADO-NFS runs. I am creating this thread to provide a place to upload this data in a form I can keep updated without adding endless posts. Any additions to the data will be made in this and the following five posts. Each file will consist of all previous runs plus any new ones of the appropriate size.

The format for the files posted will be as follows:

The .zip files will be based on which size params file was used and whether it was the default or a modified version, for example, Modified files are from the CADO threads in the Factoring sub-forum. Note: I might be off by a day for the changeover from default to modified. For <133 decimal digits (dd), that changeover happened around 13Apr2019 - for >138 around 11May2019. Nothing below 88 digits is modified at this time.

Within the .zip files, the individual names will be based on the date/time started (for uniqueness) and the actual size of the composite, for example, 20190515132119c138. The c138 means the actual size of the composite is 138 dd.

Someone referred to my many machines as a farm and I liked the term, so when reviewing the timing data, you might keep in mind that my "farm" typically has from 20-30 machines doing chores. This does have an effect on overall performance, other than the simple speeding up of a factorization. Although many machines are doing polyselect and sieving, only one is performing Linear Algebra at this time.

Note: Due to the limit of five attachments per post and the absence of any modified params files below c90, all smaller runs (<88 dd) will be combined in the first attachment of this post.

Update info:

params30-85default - 24Jun2019
params90default - 19May2019
params90modified - 24Jun2019
params95default - 19May2019
params95modified - 24Jun2019
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