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Originally Posted by manasi View Post
Well, the only problem is there is a certain integer range that is acceptable as space for an integer(signed or unsigned int). There is a problem if you have to check a number like 2^10000019 -1 is prime or not. Most programs can not handle operations with large numbers.
That's precisely why I suggested GMP. Instead of writing [c]a = a + b*c[c], which is limited by the machine word size as you say, but with GMP you write, in C or any other language GMP supports, you write mpz_addmul(a, b, c) which works for numbers a, b, c of arbitrary size, hundreds of digits, thousands of digits, etc.

Frankly, the things you say seem to indicate you know very little about how computers actually work, and your talk about "endomorphisms" is equally meaningless from a mathematical perspective. You have no idea what you're doing, which is why you got such a snarky response to your initial post.
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