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Welcome back!...

For multi core PCs, the most efficient arrangement in terms of overall throughput is one worker window per core; a different test wil hence run on each core.
Hyperthreading is not useful for Prime05 purposes. On your HT machine, just assign 1 CPU per each of the 4 worker windows.
May I just suggest one thing? Your quad core machines are, in terms of overall project advancement, "underused" for Trial factoring. They are modern machines, and very capable at LL test work. The project is currently overpowered as far as TF goes, but a little short on the LL side, particularly for double-checks. P-1 is also a type of work that has few people working at. You might wish to turn some of your fire power to these types of work...
Please don´t construe my words as "pushing" you. It´s just that you´ve been away for some time, and I just wanted to put you in the current picture. Do as you see fit... and have fun.

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