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Post namespaces

When re-compiling Prime95 with .net, namespaces are the main problem you'll encounter. First the security errors have to be delt with(1993).

If you have VS.Net2003, and resource kit CD, make sure you dig through it and find the hidden ComponentOne software, and license.
This adds many usefull components(100mb+) like graphs etc, and help files, that merge with your existing help.
In the help index, there is a great explanation of the namespace workaround/fix.

If you try to compile for small devices, you'll need Windows2000, NTsp3, or NTsp4. I spent many hours trying with XP, which is not on the list.
The windows CE emulation, wants windows2000 sp2, or higher.
BUT WARNING!! sp3, and sp4, have major software compatibility issues.
It's not that sp2 does'nt, but it is much safer at this point in time.

Side note, I got my ulta slow double case test to work on a pocet PC.
Well I have'nt actually tried it out on one yet. This doesn't seem practical so far... keep on it all.
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