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Default Prime95 on x86 Windows CE 5.0/ Pocket PC SE

With Windows CE 5.0 the x86 CPU type is a fully supported as a processor
for small devices.

It had been used in prior versions as the CPU in the emulator that runs on
Windows 2000 Pro and XP Pro to do development/debugging without
having the target hardware, which use ARM (XScale), SH3/SH4, MIPS.

There was some support for x86 as the target CPU in previous versions but it wasn't easily available.

The tool for developing C++ x86 Windows CE 5.0 programs is Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 SP4 which handles native code.
A different tool Visual Studio .NET 2003 is mostly for managed code, using C#

The some of the devices are called Windows Mobile 2003 SE or Pocket PC 2003 SE,
only ones with a x86 CPU will work.

For now the emulator (which uses x86 and runs on 2000 Pro or XP Pro)
is the target.
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