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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
Do you guys need a list of suboptimally TF'd stuff that hasn't had any P-1 work (and is available)? Is that the main thing needed? I can't really help much with the rate at which things are being processed, but I can generate lists like this (just the top 50 here):
No, it's more estimating how much TF can be done before PrimeNet runs out of higher-TFed exponents to hand out for P-1. For instance, recently GPU72 was holding on to a bunch of exponents at 73 bits, but PrimeNet started handing out exponents at 71 bits. It would have been better to release back some of those 73 bit TFed exponents. Ideally we want to TF them to 75 bits before releasing the exponent back to PrimeNet for P-1, but we don't have the throughput for that. The problem is knowing how big of a buffer of less than 75 but better than 71 TF level exponents to leave at PrimeNet. If we know we need 300 exponents per day, Chris can program GPU72 to make sure an appropriate amount are left with PrimeNet at say 74 bits or even 73 bits, based on the available TF capacity. So having the deltas is the most important thing.
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