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Cron job..nice one.
When younger (I'm pushing 60 now), I was in the FFL and had to be on point regardless of fatigue, mental and physical. Think SEAL hell week and ground hog day wrapped up as one where either not catching someone's mistake or making one yourself would have been your last. In such circumstances you catch some shut eye whenever and wherever you can because that's the only rest you'll have..REM was just a memory then.
Later I worked on the railroad as a conductor/foreman building up and tearing down trains up to a mile long with the attendant dangerous goods marshaling etc.. in train yards in Vancouver...and you get to ride in them at 65 mph on the main line where the sphincter factor comes into play. Many of these jobs were "on call" but this time you could call in had to judge yourself accordingly because when you were on the job you had to be alert..a mistake could have devastating consequences.
So the moral of the story here is don't be a baby.
These days I can set a mental alarm for 5 am and be up at that time. Practice. For coffee, use instant and an amount that will pop your eyes open. Turn on a radio or TV for music or news...something you like (these people get up before you!). You should be plenty sharp at least 15 minutes before your conference. If it helps place a few crank calls to your buddies beforehand, wear something interesting (watch the IT Crowd for tips) or something along those lines to start your day right! This probably didn't help so do the cron job..
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