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Thank you for your reply! Do you mean it is possible to spawn more yafus on different computers to effectively factorize same number ?
This day was spent by doing a spawning for lasieves and ecms on another computer, but ... there is a better way... oh no.. :)
I think I do read the documentation, but it requires understanding of math behind all of that. It is slower to understand.
Out of curiosity, how big is your number?

More yafu's can be spawned, but toward the end of that process there will be some fiddly work that must be done by hand (recombining files, testing if you are done, rinsing and repeating). There is also non-trivial setup work to do to make sure the work is compatible (making sure one job file is used everywhere), and that each process is started with the appropriate flags/parameters so you don't duplicate work. If you are thinking of going to this level, you are probably better off using the individual tools manually.

The benefit of yafu is that you can fire and forget on one computer. The drawback is that that approach runs out of gas at a certain point, depending on your patience and hardware. If you want to go further then you either wait longer with yafu or learn how to run the 3rd party tools manually (lasieve, msieve, and/or CADO).

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