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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
Yes, I did that. It fixed some of the exponents. But it did not fix its assignments, at least it seems like this. I guess I have a backup of most of the result files if this helps.

There are two kinds of PRP output:

One-line, where it says:

Mnnnnnnn/ffff/fffff/fffffff is not prime
The program sends this if the length of the factor string "ffff,fffff,fffffff" (including commas) is less than 40.

Two line, where it says:

Mnnnnnnn/known_factors is not prime
Known factors used for PRP test were: fffffffffff/ffffffffffffff/fffffffffffffffff
The program sends this if the length of the factor string "fffffffffff,ffffffffffffff,fffffffffffffffff" (including commas) is 40 or more.

The one-line version actually works fine, and can be submitted automatically to Primenet.

The two-line version does not transmit the second line automatically, so it has to be reported manually.

So, if you manually send your results files to George, you really only have to send the "known_factors" and "Known factors" lines.

If you manage to sort your worktodo.txt file into two separate files, one with exponents that have longer factor strings and one exponents that have shorter factor strings, then you can put them in separate working directories and make sure that the prime.txt file contains UsePrimenet=0 for the first group (whose results have to be submitted manually) and prime.txt contains UsePrimenet=1 for the second group (whose results can still be submitted automatically).
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