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Originally Posted by science_man_88 View Post
really I see four minimum from what I looked at, the following is my reasoning:

4*0.15 +0.555 +0.555 = 0.6+1.11 = 1.71< 2 accounting for four circles and edit:"in need" a gap between two of them.

edit2: and the middle part in the drawing looks flat.
Yeah the belt has flat parts in between the teeth indeed.

I'm taking a look at just 1 slope of one of the teeth, as logically it's mirrored at the other side of the tooth.

and the teeth end consists out of a circle with diameter 0.55 mm and part of the slope is a small segment from a circle with diameter 1.00 mm

My math is about that, and the outcome 0.498876404 if i fill that in, in both formula's i have, i seem to get different y-outcomes, which shouldn't happen :)

So something still wrong in my math approach...
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