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Default bases 33-100

Originally Posted by Siemelink View Post
I have already finished this one.



I forgot to mention here when I checked this a week ago: Nice work on proving the Riesel base 33 conjecture at k=764. All k-values were accounted for with 2 of them having algebraic factors. The proof was added to the web pages after I checked it.

To all: If you want to tackle a base or two higher than 32, that's fine as long as the conjecture is low; preferrably < ~2500. Most low conjectures are easy to administer and check.

You'll have to determine what the lowest Riesel or Sierp value is with a covering set. There's a thread that talks about software that can do this. In the past, I've used a crude method that uses srsieve sieving software that is quite accurate for determining low conjectures but it's a little combersome to set up and use.

Before starting on a base, please let us know that you are reserving it, what the conjectured value is, and what the covering set is.


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