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Originally posted by GP2
Even before the server sync, there were a handful of exponents in early out-of-sequence double-check. For instance, 10271543 and 11015513 and others assigned to Nick Glover, and 10962089 assigned to dswanson. I'm not sure how those got assigned originally. But they can be monitored for expiry just like the exponents that got switched from first-time to double-check by the server sync.
Many of my exponents came from doing the same thing you are doing in this thread. I noticed lots available double-checks that were originally released as first-time tests because the original test had lots of errors. I did comparisons of the proper files to figure out which ones were sitting on the server unassigned and then I put them in my worktodo.ini to get them assigned to me. Most of the ones I have were originally rereleased by George on Sep-17-02 and were changed into double-checks by the Nov-18-02 database synch.
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