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Okay, I ran a script to check how many early out-of-sequence (above the leading edge of double-checking) double checks expired between Sep 30 03:00 UTC and Oct 1 17:00 UTC.

To my surprise there were 109 more in this short period!

Most of these had "days to go" around the -60 mark, so they're genuine expiries. A handful did not:

15121657,D ,66,,76.8,111.7,0.7,31-Jul-03 19:03,15-Jul-03 07:10,AndreasPipp,turbomachine
15122047,D ,66,,76.8,120.7,0.7,31-Jul-03 19:03,15-Jul-03 07:10,AndreasPipp,turbomachine
15122621,D ,66,,76.8,128.7,0.7,31-Jul-03 19:03,15-Jul-03 07:10,AndreasPipp,turbomachine
15123499,D ,66,,76.8,137.7,0.7,31-Jul-03 19:03,15-Jul-03 07:10,AndreasPipp,turbomachine
15125459,D ,66,,76.8,146.7,0.7,31-Jul-03 19:03,15-Jul-03 07:12,AndreasPipp,turbomachine
15126721,D ,66,,76.8,155.7,0.7,31-Jul-03 19:03,15-Jul-03 07:14,AndreasPipp,turbomachine

But I guess they were being early double-checked for a reason, so we'll keep them in the set of 109.

As for yesterday's list of exponents (in the attachment to my first message in this thread), I note today that they are all assigned to Newbie/Annie, except for the 9M exponents which were assigned overnight in the usual way... in fact it turns out I got assigned a few of them! So the 9M exponents really were just routine expiries of ordinary double checks.

Anyways see the attachment for a brand new set of 109 exponents to add to the ones from yesterday.
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