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Originally posted by GP2
By the way, I think from time to time we'll have to monitor the rest of the 2275 exponents that switched status, since some more of them might expire over time. As of the Sept 30 03:00 UTC version of STATUS.TXT, 1896 of them were still assigned and crunching, 65 were cleared, and the rest were the topic of this thread.
Actually, we can do more than just monitor those 2275 exponents in particular. We can monitor expiry for all early out-of-sequence double checks beyond the leading edge of double checking. I'll add that to my scripts.

Even before the server sync, there were a handful of exponents in early out-of-sequence double-check. For instance, 10271543 and 11015513 and others assigned to Nick Glover, and 10962089 assigned to dswanson. I'm not sure how those got assigned originally. But they can be monitored for expiry just like the exponents that got switched from first-time to double-check by the server sync.
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