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Originally posted by garo
BTW, I did not understand how you got the 9M exponents. How could they have changed status? Can you explain what they are?
Quick summary of the below: you can ignore the 9M exponents.

They're just like the other exponents, except they were already double-checks even before the server sync.

I used two methods that came up with almost the same results.

The first method was to look for everything that was in STATUS.TXT just before the sync, but now isn't in either STATUS.TXT or CLEARED.TXT (as of Sept 30 03:00 UTC), and is in HRF3.TXT and therefore not in LUCAS_V.TXT (as of Sept 29) which means the double-check is still pending.

The second method was to look at old STATUS.TXT files just before and just after the sync, to identify the 2275 exponents that changed status from first-time to double-check. Then we again exclude everything that's in the current version of STATUS.TXT or CLEARED.TXT, which cuts it down to 314 exponents.

The two methods give the same results, except:
1) The first method also produces the 9M exponents which were already double-checks before the server sync (but expired in much the same way as the other exponents expired).
2) The second method also produces one extra exponent 10977301. This was dswanson's exponent, which changed status from first-time to double-check along with the rest, but then he dropped it soon after because it was one of the exponents I posted about in the Assigned [or cleared] exponents that are already obsolete thread. Running a check to exclude anything that's already in LUCAS_V.TXT automatically excludes this one exponent.

So I guess the 9M's were just ordinary double-checks that expired and will probably get automatically re-assigned by the Primenet server in a short time, because they're below the leading edge of double-checks. So they can be ignored.

By the way, I think from time to time we'll have to monitor the rest of the 2275 exponents that switched status, since some more of them might expire over time. As of the Sept 30 03:00 UTC version of STATUS.TXT, 1896 of them were still assigned and crunching, 65 were cleared, and the rest were the topic of this thread.

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