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I think this is more or less what you want.
There are 334 exponents.

These exponents aren't in STATUS.TXT or CLEARED.TXT now, but they were in STATUS.TXT just before the server sync, and they are in HRF3.TXT (been LL-tested, but need a double-check or triple-check).

As a second method, I did a compare of STATUS.TXT just before the server sync and just after the server sync, and looked for exponents that changed from ' ' to 'D' without any change in their assignment date (2275 exponents), then filtered out anything currently in STATUS.TXT or CLEARED.TXT (or LUCAS_V.TXT just for completeness). Got the same result except for the 9M exponents (at the end), and that's because those were already were double-checks to begin with.

Then the list of exponents was put through a function that collected information from NOFACTOR.CMP and PMINUS1.TXT to generate lines for worktodo.ini.

By the way, roughly 10% or so of these 334 exponents were not close to expiry in the STATUS.TXT just before the sync, but they're MIA nonetheless. So they're included too.

These are in sequential order except I left the 9M exponents at the end, you can move them to the start if you want.

The worktodo.ini file is an attachment.
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