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Default Request for GP2: Some useful datamining

Hi GP2,
I think there are a set of exponents which should be tested preferentially but are not getting that treatment. If you could publish their worktodo entries it will be very helpful.

The exponents I am talking about are the ones that had errors in their first tests and were re-released by George as first timers. However, a server synch makes all of these exponents double-checks. So, if these exponents expire they are tossed to the bottom of the doublecheck stack. As you can see, there is a number of unassigned doublechecks in the 10-15M range. These should get priority. If you can find a way to find their wtd entries - presumably by comparing old status files and seeing which exponents did not get completed - it will be a great help and clear these exponents out soon as George rightly intended.
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