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Default Automatically report results without getting new work

I am (re-)doing some P-1 by running mprime in Google Colab. These are not assignments that can usually be obtained, but I've never experienced clashes (only once when someone returned a P-1 with smaller bounds two weeks after I finished) since I usually look for unassigned exponents, return them in about 2~5 days, and really few people are doing P-1 or TF in that range anyway.

Currently I report the results by manually pasting them on, but that's getting tedious. I wonder if someone knows a way to automatically report the results, but prevent mprime from getting new work at the same time.

I suppose it is possible to achieve this by queueing many assignments in worktodo.txt, but IMHO that's not very elegant and increases the "return time". If it is not possible with mprime itself, can it be done with external scripts?

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