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Question Run down the queue on MPRIME without quitting GIMPS

Prime95 has a setting under Options/Preferences where you can set the "Days of work to queue up" to a value of 0. This is useful if you want the PC to stop looking for new assignments but finish all current assignments, without having to unreserve exponents or quit GIMPS.

Is there a way to accomplish the same thing in MPRIME (Linux)? If I open the menu there and select item #14 (Options/Preferences), I cannot enter 0 as the value, it asks me to enter at least 1.

Nor can I set the queue to 0 by going to my GIMPS account at and changing the value there -- this, too, required me to enter at least 1.

Is there any way to do what I'm trying to do by changing some setting in MPRIME, or at least by fiddling with a configuration file?

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