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OK. This IS strange. On [*] page you don't see
PrimeNet Get Manual Assignment(s)

Distribute the lines above to your computer's worktodo.txt files.  A typical version 25 prime95 worktodo.txt file on a dual core computer looks like this: [etc.etc.]
I am not sure why this is happening, but there are certainly more knowledgeable people here who might be able to explain. I've gone through the procedure several times now without encountering a blank.

I actually have not used this method for some time, though. I go through the subset of the project called GPU72:
Chalsall has developed this system over time. It has many useful features for getting and tracking assignments, as well as numerous ways to organize and view results in tables or graphs.

I'm sorry that I cannot be of more assistance. I hope you get better answers soon.

Yeah, for my first TWO assignments (each are job with specifying single cpu for single exponent) I did see this job info.

But if I choose multiple cpu with multipe assignments , I will have this problem after clicking "get assignment".
That page will just keep in loading or say nothing at last...

I have not try gpu72 yet, but I may come to see it.
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