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Are you referring to the Manual Assignment pages? If so, after selecting an assignment type, (World Record in this case), and specifying a number of assignments, you should see something like this:
PrimeNet Get Manual Assignment(s)


Distribute the lines above to your computer's worktodo.txt files. A typical version 25 prime95 worktodo.txt file on a dual core computer looks like this:

[Worker #1]
[Worker #2]
The bolded line is the assignment.

Similarly, to view current assignments, look at "My Account > Assignments" where you should see something like this:
CPU Name       Core       Exponent       Work TypeStage, %       Assigned       age
days       Updated       Next Update       Estimated
Completion       days
to go            Manual testing162466xxx LL  0.00%2013-09-13 14:2702013-09-13 14:272014-03-02 14:27
If these are erroneous assumptions about your question, please explain what it is you are seeking.

Right,the issue came from manual assignment.

Also, I noticed all that you were saying.
However, my concern is where can I find the serial number (I assumed "unique-job-id") following "Test=XXXXXXXXX" matters?

In particular, when the assignment loading page returns blank, which means I cannot have any clue on the unique-job-id number.
Then how can I paste this job to worktodo.txt if I have not no job-id?

Does anyone noticed this?
If this happened ever, and there is currently no any page on directing us to find this id number, could you anybody/technician make a page solving this?

Or, plant a page listing all jobs for our users ?
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