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Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
Well Gary, if things are rolling along okay now, then why change stuff with a rally? I'm content to run 9000 down, and it's going down okay. I sort of always thought that the purpose of a rally was to try and put special emphasis on something that needed it. Doesn't really sound like one is needed at present as things sit for the time being.

The purpose of a rally can be one thing or another or both. First, it can focus emphasis where needed but that is only the secondary consideration for having them. Second and the primary reason for having them is that it can bring huge resources and great exposure to the project for a couple of days.

For the last rally, we really weren't in bad shape on port 8000 but having the rally on that port with its large #'s of top-5000 primes brought monsterous resources to the project for 2 days and also helped bring some more permanent searchers to the project such as Brian (PCZ) and Dave (AMDave).

It is the project exposure and temporary large # of resources that makes the huge potential of rallies exciting. You could call them a large "advertisement" for the project, which is why David's servers and Dave's stats are so important to them. The competition aspect helps bring in the heavy-hitters.


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