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We'd actually like to keep them all going. For once (lol), I'm actually extremely pleased at the allocation of the resources on the project, mainly thanks to Bruce and Dave running a good number of cores on port 9000 at the moment. (Only a few people like to extensively work on non-top-5000 or double check work so it's great to have you guys around!) Had you guys not moved some machines there, I would have had to move about 1-2 quads there to get it moving because it is a lot of work. But doing that would have meant I couldn't sieve as quickly as I am (3 quads on it right now) on k=1400-2000 for n=500K-1M.

There are 3 objectives at play here, of which all are being accomplished at the moment and so I hate to give up 1-2 of them to complete 1 of the others more quickly.

1. To find smaller primes to fill in the holes in the prime ranges.

2. To find top-5000 primes so as to remain competitive on top-5000.

3. To keep all k-ranges moving all (or most) of the time by having ongoing sieving on k=1003-2000/n=500K-1M. [Otherwise k=1400-2000 will stall for a long time at n=500K.]

By doing all of them at the same time, we accomplish all of them at once.

Dave, for higher n-ranges, we already have the 5th/6th/7th drives, which are at n=~640K, ~615K, and ~640K respectively going to n=1M. But I hear what you are saying on having a "big one" again on port 8000, which was great fun. But in order to do that, we need to complete sieving for the n=500K-600K portion of the n=500K-1M range in the sieving drive because by the time we have a rally, we're likely to be close enough to n=500K that we would run out of work.

As a general rule, we won't have rallies on non-top-5000 ranges unless plenty of people like that idea. I can easily be talked into a rally on port 9000 if enough people come out in favor of it. It's actually a little easier on the admins. Although there are more primes to be checked and listed, we don't have to worry about making sure that new people get the top-5000 primes submitted correctly, which is what takes the most admin time. We just end up making sure that they are all listed correctly in the drive thread and on Karsten's pages. That said, the primes and score boost that we get at top-5000 are a boon to the project when we run the rallies on top-5000 work so that is why I generally lean that way.


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