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Originally Posted by cheesehead
Oh ... when I saw the title I though this was going to be about those nuclear reactors in Europe that are having to be hosed-down to keep cool.

Parts of Europe have had a really bad heat wave for a few weeks - all the rivers are running low, and the river water is heating up. The nuclear reactors can't get their usual amount of river water for the cooling towers, and what they do get is less effective because of its warmth. What I heard on radio is that some reactor utilities have hooked up hoses to water supplies that are independent of the river, and have guys spraying water all over the outside walls of the containment building all day. They say it makes about a 10-20 degree difference in temperature inside the building.

But that's not what this thread is about ... :)
When I was little, my dad used to put a sprinkler on top of the house on really hot days. Made a huge difference. Water absorbs a ton of heat.
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