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I would guess that the Opteron would be picked up as an "unknown CPU" - kinda like Athlons were up to somewhere in the late 22.x or early 23.x series clients.

Per the benchmarks I've seen posted around the Web, Opterons DO take advantage of the SSE2 stuff - though their clock is so much slower than high-end P-IVs/Xeons they are STILL significantly slower. That might change some if/when George gets the change to work with one long enough to provide Opteron-specific enhancements, but I suspect they'll still lag some due to the clock speed advantage - unless they ramp up faster than the P-IV/Xeon manages.

I dunno what it does on trial factoring - since it has SSE2, I'd guess it does the standard P-IV/Xeon type split between integer and SSE2 code.
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