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Yep, we didn't know about Sundogs either, or the "diamond dust" described in association with both the phenomenons. It was exactly what we saw on the sky (a second, smaller Sun).

Doing some "web research" since we posted here, we found out that these thingies are not so rare occurrences, but we didn't know about them, and we didn't see any "live" ever, it seems like they do not appear much in the areas we lived (it may be a latitude thing, forming the ice crystals is favored by colder climate, while the reflection/refraction depends on sun rays incidence. Whatever, we didn't see one, beside of all kind of rainbows, which is kinda similar, except the water is involved, and not the ice crystals, so we were quite mesmerized by it.

Thanks to everybody who posted links (quite interesting to read). We are a bit smarter today than we were yesterday (this assumes that we didn't forget in other areas more than we learned here, in the same time, which we have no idea if true or not )

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