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Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
I took these pictures in January 2019 on a windy -33F (-36C) degree day, on my way to work in the morning. I remember barely being able to hold the camera steady after just 30 seconds or so in the -70 degree wind chill.

You can clearly see the sundogs (nearly as bright as the sun!), 22o halo, 46o halo, and upper tangent arc. Possibly portions of the parhelic circle extending horizontally from the sun. Or maybe that's some kind of lens flare. I wish my photography could do it justice.
Seen all of those, but with nowhere near the clarity of your images. Well done!

Once managed a Brocken spectre from the Swiss Alps. Very common from aircraft IME.

Also seen a few lunar rainbows, though without any colour --- which is possible with long exposures but not, AFAIK, with the naked eye.

Also once managed a Jovian shadow of my head with the naked eye under very special circumstances.
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