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Originally Posted by De Wandelaar View Post
Do you think it's better to poach those exponents or to wait (worst case) for the 60 days expiry date ?
Those TF assignments have no expiry date. But poaching is a lack of respect of the other users. In the past that kind of TF assignments were completed ... after a time.
Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
Or maybe do a short PM1 on those and hope for the best.
Once again this would be poaching.
Originally Posted by ATH View Post
I sent a PM to Madpoo about this thread, lets see if he can fix it.
I did the same yesterday : PM to Aaron, James. James forwarded to George.


It is curious these cat0 and cat1 TF assignments are stuck so often with no progress. It might be deliberate attempts to stall / sabotage.
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