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Originally Posted by De Wandelaar View Post
A majority of those TF's were assigned between 2020-09-14 and 2020-09-22.
Poaching those assigments after a couple of days or weeks (while the participants are not at fault) could imho discourage them definitively from contrinuting especially if they are relatively new participants.
They should not be open to TF assignments. It should be DC only. If these are newbies (all of them are ranked less than 100 on the TF top producers list), they may not understand that they should not be working down there and holding on to the exponents. All the more reason to not allow them to take the exponents. They have moved up a bunch in the 90 day range. The highest, assuming a dead start 90 days ago is producing 708 GHz-days/day (which is less than a single GeForce GTX 1070).
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