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Default Trial Factor assignments squatting in Cat 0 and Cat 1 DC range

As of this moment there are 68 TF assignments in the DC Cat 0 and 1 range below 54M. All were assigned in the last month.
And they have not been showing progress like they should if they were using a GPU.

Why is this allowed? These are keeping other users from completing the DC on them. The assignments were (I am guessing) gotten from the manual GPU assignment page. It lists the bottom of the available DC-TF range as the lowest exponent yet to get a DC. That should be moved up into Cat 3. The issue is the same with the FTC-TF range.

It is getting sorely tempting to just do the DC to kill them off. They are not even slow, they are stopped And with this many exponents not real likely to find a single factor.

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