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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Aw, jeez, I didn't even know the guy, and I have tears running down my face.

My condolences to Ian Dunn's friends and family.

I had noted his steady stream of contributions to Conjectures 'R Us and No Prime Left Behind on the Forum.

I rummaged around online looking for anything outside the Forum, and found PRPnet rally at No Prime Left Behind project: January 3-10 which mentioned the following from the 2010 rally:
Last rally, we had a surprise upset in the teams arena, with Raiders of the Lost Primes taking the championship title by a 20,000-test lead over PrimeSearchTeam (the victor in the previous two rallies). Most of the lead was due to one of our big contributors (Ian a.k.a. MyDogBuster) temporarily departing from his usual work at our sister project, Conjectures 'R Us, and making an appearance at the rally; whether he'll be here this time is known only to him, but PrimeSearchTeam may want to plan to bring some extra firepower to cover that contingency. ;-)
Rest in Peace, MyDogBuster.

This really has been the Year from Hell.
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