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Default Introduction

Hello everyone. Thought I'd say "hi" since Xyzzy has given me the privilege of moderating this forum.
I encourage anyone to PM me if they have questions or comments they want to be private.
My hobbies are primes (naturally). music as in a part-time recording studio I own, working with artists, and last but not least, working on large servers for my employer (is it a hobby when someone pays you to do it?).
One of my passions is high performance systems. The client makes GIMPS very unique and attractive to me in that respect. This stuff has really grabbed hold of me and I'm want to build a prime monster some day . . . maybe in the not too distant future I'll start. :)

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Have fun with the Server forum and please continue keeping the language clean and the discussions lively. Who knows what is going to happen with the server in the future???

I consider myself very fortunate to be with such a cool group of people such as yourselves. :D
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