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Originally Posted by davieddy View Post
One last try:
Any of you Brits listening to the Alfred Brendel show ATM?

PS He's just played what Jack Nicholson did in
"Five Easy Pieces". What was it?
The Alfred Brendel program hasn't arrived yet here in the colonies and I haven't seen it. My reaction, though, is "are you sure?"

Of the five (allegedly) easy pieces, the two played by the Nicholson character are both by Chopin. In the bizarre scene of him playing the upright piano on the back of the lorry travelling along the highway he plays part of the Fantasy in F minor, Op 49. The other piece is the Prelude Op 28|4. As far as I know, Brendel does not include Chopin in his repertoire.

The other three pieces are by Mozart (x2) and Bach. Both are much more likely candidates for Brendel, but were not played by the Nicholson character.

You've mentioned Five Easy Pieces before and on the strength of it I hired the DVD and had a look. It was a bit raw with a very youthful Nicholson, but I got more from it that I had expected.
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