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Default CURL Error on uploading Proof file Prime95 30.3


Since the update of Prime95 to Version 30.0 i got the Problem that a proof file isn´t beeing uploaded.

Error Message is:
[Main thread Aug 12 08:11]
[Main thread Aug 12 08:11] Throughput benchmark complete.
[Comm thread Aug 12 08:48] MD5 of p103804913.proof is f91107cb3808d6a7e57b60f5223a7ca4
[Comm thread Aug 12 08:48] Proof file exponent is 103804913
[Comm thread Aug 12 08:48] Filesize of p103804913.proof is 207609900
[Comm thread Aug 12 08:48] CURL library error: Could not resolve host:

I´m behind a Proxy so maybe this could be the Problem.
But other Primenet Communication is working properly.
Is there any way to upload manualy?
And of cource fixing the CURL Upload so the Proxy is not a Problem anymore.
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